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What's this all about? Have you lost my existing ebay credentials or something? How does it work, when I click the link it takes me to ebay and I receive "Sign in with your eBay account to link your account to Auction Sniper". How is that going to work?

Nothing in News about this, nothing in FAQ. In fact I was pretty sure the email I got was phishing until I actually logged into AS (manually not by clicking the email link - savvy folk don't do that!!!) - and saw you banner about it.

Said banner also blasts out "Download our app", what's that all about? Is it required? on PC?

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Hi Phil,

We recently enhanced the Auction Sniper service to bring faster snipes and more security. I'm sorry about any confusion regarding this, but here's a little bit of insight into how this enhancement works:

  • The Auction Sniper linking process allows you to establish a secure connection with your eBay account.
  • This secure connection allows Auction Sniper to place snipes on your behalf more securely and quickly than before!
  • Once you click on the "Link my eBay Account" button you will be directed to sign into eBay where you'll be prompted to accept the connection–and that's it!
  • Once you accept the connection, you'll be brought back to Auction Sniper where you'll be able to continue sniping and winning as usual.

One of the additional benefits of this new experience is that now Auction Sniper will no longer need your eBay credentials, and actually once you link your account, your Auction Sniper credentials can be different from your eBay account.

With regards to the app, you do not need to download it. We've simply created the app for your convenience so that you can snipe on the go and manage your snipes while you are away from your computer. We're currently in the process of updating our FAQs regarding this new sniping experience, but thank you for pointing it out, I always appreciate the feedback.

Let me know if you have any more questions about this, I'm glad to help.

Happy sniping!
Hey Snipers,

For over ten years, we’ve been able to offer a sniping service based on the way we integrated with eBay. However, our primary goal is the protection of your data and the security of your accounts, both AuctionSniper and eBay. As such, we’ve changed the way we have integrated with eBay and no longer require you to provide your eBay username and password. That’s a big win for the security of your data.

The downside to changing the way we integrate is that sniping certain categories, such as adult items, is currently restricted by eBay. However, we are actively working with eBay on it. If this is something you’d like to see, please file a support case here. This will allow us to communicate your interest to eBay and work toward implementing this feature in the future.

Thanks again!
Sorry to pursue this further. I have been an AS user for a number of years. I am not clear on exactly what this new interface to ebay is.

What are you doing instead of logging in with the credentials that I supply you?

My concern is that if I decide to several my association with AS, I can't just go and change my ebay password to block AS from logging into my account.

What is the procedure to disable AS's interface to my account with this new "secure connection"?

I'm suspect you don't want to get into the details for some reason, but I am afraid I must insist that you do. I am not feeling real secure with your explanation to date.

Thanks and I hope I can continue to be a customer of AS.
The change to linking your account was done to ensure your security and to increase the chance of placing a winning snipe. Your password is your private information, it identifies you to other sites, ebay in this case, and potentially other web sites you access if you use the same password; you many not, but statistics show many people do. Linking your ebay account eliminates this security risk and ensures your snipes are placed no matter how ebay changes its site. No more captcha blocks or login errors. You can can sever your auction sniper link with ebay easily by closing your auction sniper account and the link will be removed. You can also revoke the linkage on ebay at anytime from the 3rd party authorization section on your ebay account page. If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team here , they are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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