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Well, I would like to see them today too, you know! You are all my children and I miss you when I don't see you everyday!! Big Grin

Hello Mrs. M.,
It's been a good day so far. Smile It's a nice day out, homework's caught up, bread's rising in the oven, and I just won another auction. How are you doing?
Glad to see you are posting with us Shop! Hope you will become a regular. Smile

Hey, Ford, glad to know you can bake bread! LOL! Is that some kind of therapy? Wink...I did win one good auction. I have a few more hanging in there. Que je ne gagne-t-il pas, je peux compter probablement comme une bénédiction!

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Good day, everyone! Smile I'm just enjoying my day off from work...I myself have had enough baking done (as I work at a bakery! Razz ). Just won a nice auction, as well. Happy bidding for everyone and may all snipes be successful! Big Grin

Kind of smelly, Ford! Big Grin...Not many people know how to do anything that doesn't come in a box. I used to do a lot of baking when I was younger, but I don't do much anymore.

OMG! If I worked in a bakery, I probably would not be able to stand the smell!...Or, maybe I would gain 300 lbs.! Glad you won an auction. Don't you love it? Smile

Hi Mrs. M.,
We'd probably all gain weight if we had to work in a bakery. Big Grin
Hello Samuraiblossom, glad to hear you won the auction! Rumor is that eBay was slow today, but it sounds like the snipes are going through OK. There haven't been any posts with frownie faces (or worse). Or if there have been some, I haven't noticed them. Smile
I haven't seen any either, but my My page was have major problems and the girl in Live Help said that they were experiencing really heavy traffic.

Hi all.

Christine - have you ever used potato flour to make dough? I had some home-made bread this morning that used a potato flour blend and sunflower seeds. Yummy.
Hi Rick,
Yes, believe it or not, I just made potato bread! No sunflower seeds, though. I've used a lot of different flours. Sometimes I grind the wheat into flour myself, but that makes for a heavier bread. Potato flour isn't hard to make. You just dehydrate the potatoes and then grind them up in a flour grinder.
But then, I'm a strange person Eek and like to do lots of things the hard way. Like making my own yarn by spinning on a spinning wheel...baking bread....
Guess I'd better stop now, before someone sends the men with the white coats and straightjackets.... Eek Eek Eek

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Sounds like you're a fiber person. I assume you knit, and perhaps do some weaving or crocheting? I've been told that spinners often are also bread-makers. Something about getting into the basics.

Working on your Masters and baking bread wouldn't appear to use the same side of the brain, so it probably gives each side some time off.
Well, it is so busy in here tonight, I think I'll sit here and watch the counter. Roll Eyes

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Think I will head out for a short while and pick through other people's trash(yard sale)! Ok, all of you snap to attention and keep this place alive and jumping!! Big Grin

Originally posted by Mrs.M:
Well, it is so busy in here tonight, I think I'll sit here and watch the counter.

You have a defective counter, Mrs. M. After 14899 it goes to 14800.
Sorry Rick, I didn't mean to ignore you. Hopefully the degree will be complete in 2 1/2 years. But a lot depends on classes and scheduling.
And yes--I like to work in fiber. I've spun wool, dog hair, and silk, and tried a few other things just for fun. Big Grin (Coconut hair fiber--or whatever that stuff on the outside of a coconut is called--doesn't spin very well. Eek) I have a loom and have been knitting since early grade school. But most of whatever gets spun usually ends up with someone who just has to have it. Oh, well. Big Grin Most of the fun is in the spinning, anyway.
Gotta go do some homework now. Have a great day, OK? Smile
That is an interesting hobby, ford! I lived in a Quaker community for some time and have watched them do this sort of thing, but watching is all I have done. Smile

Yep, it was meant to be . I was saying ohhhhhhhh well. Roll Eyes Please read your reply to sony . There is one you missed!

Lexie, I missed your last, but I did address it a few moments ago. Smile

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LMAO when you said "Yezz" like that I had a mental image of that little old chook (hen) from that cartoon. ohhhh what their names...Leghorn is the rooster and then there is the little hen that always "why Yezzzz"

Sorry - warped mind I guess

was the name of the Rooster. He was on-again off-again courting that scrawny hen (whose name escapes me!)that also had a big-headed bespectacled kid that was some kind of genius! Don't remember his name either! They all were part of Bugs Bunny's gang of cartoon characters.

(Still reads funnies first!) Eek Big Grin

Jabbergah Cool

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