Awh, that's nice Mrs. M. You're such a sweetheart. I know that required a lot of work because each letter is a separate picture. Cool
I took my oldest grandaughter(then about 3) to town one day. We went past a nursery and there was a sign that said "Don't pick the Roses". She asked me what it said and I said"Don't pick the Noses"! She never did after that! LOL!

Originally posted by Mrs.M:
"Don't pick the Noses"!

Don't you mean "Don't EAT the Noses"!

Hi Lexie. Hope all is well.

Bob caused the problem with your computer?

It's the eating not the picking of the nose.
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<-----Rick at work!
rick, you are confusing this old lady.

I was just blaming him for me not knowing the code. Was joking.

I was just being a little silly because I botched it so bad. I really just could not remember it. Smile

Mrs. M,

Not to worry. It's easy to mix up forums, and you have a heck of a lot of things to think about. I'd like to think that we all look out for each other. When one of us is off, I know someone will be there to get them out it. What do you think?

Good Nite Both of You.

Hi Rick Bye Rick

Mrs M - When I was a little girl my Grandpa told me never to pick my nose or my face would cave in.... Eek what a terrible thing to say to a little girl.

It worked by-jingo!!

Lol, Lexie! Some of the old sayings are funny! My Mom used to say to make sure we had clean, no holes unders on in case we were in a which case they sure would not be clean!!LOL! Smile

Originally posted by Bartelby:
When I was a little girl my Grandpa told me never to pick my nose

One of the great joys in life. Big Grin

Hi Lexie and Mrs. M. Wink
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