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Hello everyone!

I've been having terrible trouble with my internet connection, but although it's intermittent, I'm at least in contact with the world now and again!

The weather has gone all horrid and warm here, but we are managing a few races. I'm trying to keep from looking too closely at eBay due to lack of money, but it's too addictive - it looks as if Ty has issued a new husky beanie, so I suspect that one of those will be wandering my way soon!

I'll go and try to catch up with all the chat - rather a lot in the last two weeks I think!

Take Care,
SuperSqueaky and the hairy hordes
Here's what I've been up to while I've been away (although I think it's sideways)....

I'm having my lunch just now - tomato soup - and it's lovely! The tea will go with it just nicely, Mrs M. One of our staff has been to the US, and has brought back a big bowl of American chocolate called Hershey's Kisses, so I'll be having one or two of those for dessert.

I did enjoy the few days I was on holiday, but most of the time I've not been posting I've just been disconnected from the web.

I've also had a chest infection, but that didn't stop me from typing..... Wink

I'm hoping to go racing again this weekend, down in the Borders. I hope it doesn't rain.

Looking round eBay I've realised that the new Ty Husky has two variants - one with two blue eyes and one with one green and one blue....oh dear! it's all just designed to make me poor. Cool

Morning All!

Squeaks - Good to hear from you again Smile

Rick - Good to hear from you too Razz

Mrs M - Thanks for the beverages..I think I will need more than that today. Tyler decided it was play time from 10pm till midnite then got me up for the start of the day at 3am Eek

Shop - those little
are very annoying arent they?? Worse are the ones that come up "guarded by such-and-such" so everybody knows you stole them Razz

Wheres that Billie????

Christine must be hitting the books at the moment

Hi Lexie.

Before I post a picture, I take the URL from the right-click and enter it in an address line to see what it brings up. That doesn't guarantee that it will work on a post, but it improves the odds. Also, it gives me an idea of what I'm posting and how big it is. Sometimes a picture will be broken up into multiple parts (addresses) and you might not see that before you post.

That little is so frustrating. Mrs. M never has that problem because she puts everything into Village Photos. If interested, perhaps Mrs. M will show you how that works. Wink
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Actually, I think the idea came from Lexie. It is free. Al, you do to sign up is go to and join, free. After that, anything you want, you just save as picture with a right click on it. It saves in your picture file. Next, following the village very easy basic directions, upload it to them. It will be stored in your own album on that site. If you want to use it, you just click under the pix on copy to my clipboard, go here, click image and right click in the box paste, and click ok in the box. That is it. Sounds like a lot, but it is not. Smile

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