I have a snipe set up for an action set to end in a matter of hours -- but the end time and remaining time as shown on AS are incorrect (about 5 hrs more). Other auction details are correct (it's not the incorrect item). Will the snipe still be placed at the (actual) auction end time? Thanks.
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Hi taff,

Thanks for contributing to our forum. One thing that comes to mind which would cause the End of Auction time stamp on the My Snipes page to appear incorrect is a discrepancy between the time zone specified in your Preferences and that reflected on eBay, but I am not aware of any circumstances that would cause the remaining time countdown to be incorrect.

If you have the incorrect time zone specified in your account, you should be able to update it by mousing over the “My Snipes” tab, selecting the “Modify Account” option, clicking the “Preferences” tab, selecting the desired time zone from the “Display Timezone” menu and then clicking the “Save” button.

I understand that this auction has already ended at this point in time and I am hopeful that your bid was still placed at the correct time, but I cannot be sure what caused these time values to be incorrect as you described.

If this snipe was not placed at the correct time, or if you encounter this behavior again in the future, please contact our Customer Support team by mousing over the “Help” tab and selecting “Contact Support” and we will look into this further.

Hi, long time user here (mainly on Windows laptops).
I'm having the same issue though using the latest Auction Sniper app on my Android device. Last night I placed a snipe on an item ending in about 90 minutes, but when placing the snipe it indicated the auction ended in 30 minutes, and of course the time displayed was also one hour ahead of my actual time. I checked under Preferences and verified that my time zone was correctly set to Central Time. I even tried changing the time zone to PST to match EBay's time zone but that had no effect to displayed Time or Ending Time.
So with the wrong Ending Time and wrong current time set I was not confident the Snipe would be placed. Oddly enough the Snipe was placed at the correct time (though the Snipe incorrectly showed the Auction Ended an hour early).
Can you please advise what can be done about incorrect Times and Ending Times for Snipes?
Thank you.
Hello IL54 -

We are not aware of an issue with the end time displaying incorrectly in a snipe record on the app, so it is unclear what may be occurring for you.

Please be aware that the times that display in snipe records are for your convenience and do not necessarily reflect when a snipe will be placed. Our service records the end time of an item you set a snipe on at the time you set the snipe up and the placement of the snipe occurs based on your Lead Time and the end time as it has been recorded in our database when you set the snipe up. We synchronize the time on our servers from an atomic clock and monitor the average response time from eBay and adjust accordingly when setting snipes. They are not set based on what you see in a snipe record. Also note that the snipe record timer is based on your system clock in the final 24 hours of an auction.

As for the issue you have described with the app, please file a support case from under the Help tab of the site letting us know all of the details of what you experience as well as the details of your device so we can look into it further.

- Craig

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