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Auction Sniper professes to be doing nothing wrong but when I had a conversation with e-by about my snipes not winning it was made abundantly clear that e-bay does not support Auction Sniper. e-bay will continue to hack this site and my advice to all of you is leave this useless organisation that has rudely ignored past requests about what is exactly going on and has NOT refunded my credit that I hold. Get your money out and go elsewhere. There are better and cheaper (even free) sniping tools out there.
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Hello Pissed off -

We are sorry to hear that the difficulty with eBay's verification requests has continued to affect you adversely. We are aware of this issue and our engineers are seeking a solution as well as making regular adjustments on our end to reduce the chances of such a response occurring.

As for a refund request, our billing department is unavailable on weekends, so if you have made such a request very recently it would not be processed until today. If you continue to have difficulty with your refund request beyond today, please file another support case with us regarding your refund so we can look into it for you.

- Craig
I'm the same,bought lots of quite expensive stuff using this site but no more for me,I placed a snipe for £212.12 and watched the item in question sell for £78
WTF is that about,I'm so angry and bitterly disappointed,if you really want an item I reccomed you take your chances and bid in the normal way and not leave it in auction snipers hands as they are clearly not safe.

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