I've submitted two support requests last weekend (admittedly to do with the "ebay requires verification" issue), and they've not seen fit to respond to either.

AS support response used to be quite good, but as a "public" comment, I'm not overly impressed with this and - combined with the underlying problem itself - shows the contempt that AS appear to hold their paying customers in.

It was nice using you, but TTFN.
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Hello pittsjon -

I am sorry to hear that you have encountered some difficulty with some support cases. Our support team responds to all support cases that come in through the system in the order that they arrive. If you have filed a case and have not received the notification regarding the case having been updated, please be sure to check your spam filters or trash folder to ensure that your email host has not redirected the message away from your inbox. Please note that if you use Gmail you may need to check your All Mail folder to see a notification regarding an updated case.

If you continue to have difficulty, please let us know either a case number or the email address you used to file the cases so I can look into it.

- Craig
If you continue to have difficulty, please let us know either a case number or the email address you used to file the cases so I can look into it.

The site doesn't send auto-acknowledgements with case numbers, and no way of viewing current cases - but they're all logged against user "pittsjon" and email s n i p e r (a t) p i t t s 5 0 dot c o dot u k
Hello again -

Thanks for getting back to me. We have not been receiving similar reports and the support system appears to be operating correctly as the volume of cases that receive responses back and forth is undiminished.

Based on the username you have provided I find that there have been two recent support cases (each within the last week) that have received responses from our support team. The dates were 6/21/2015 and 6/19/2015 and the cases received responses the same day they arrived.

When a support case is updated with a response, our system sends a notification to the email address that is submit with the case, and in this case these match the email address you have provided here.

I can only suggest that you check your filters for spam and trash folders to see if your email host has redirected these responses away from your inbox and if you remain unable to locate these responses, please check with your email provider to ensure that there are no other filters that may be preventing these from reaching you.

- Craig
The email address in question is duplicated on 3 different POP3 mailboxes across 3 different providers - two of which have no spam filtering whatsoever.

Whilst I don't dispute you think you have sent these, for them not to be received on any of these 3 accounts would suggest a problem external to my domain.

I'm quite happy for you to re-send those responses, but otherwise I'm afraid I have to consider them ignored and treat my custom accordingly. Sorry to sound harsh.
Hello pittsjon -

Thanks for getting back to me again. I have gone ahead and resent the responses to both or your most recent support cases. These have been sent to the email address as noted previously.

I hope this helps.

- Craig
Sorry to say I never received any of these, and I've tested sending to the same address myself numerous times.

Perhaps there's some problem with your support system that these aren't being sent - but to be honest, I'm not sure whether to trust AS at the moment or not.
pittsjon - You can go back and forth with them as to if they've answered your email or not, but it's mostly moot at this point.

Ebay is blocking sniping services intermittently and until (or if) AS implements a solution where the bids are placed from our PCs using our own IPs, the service will continue to be unreliable due to Ebay's stupid decision to do this.


It's funny, the time I've spent posting here (and other places about this) I would have been spending money on Ebay. And now I find that as soon as I start thinking about Ebay, I think about how difficult they've made it to buy and sell and don't even want to bother.

They've driven off so many buyers and sellers.
pittsjon: Looks like most folks have just given up on AS, which is why you're not seeing complaints anymore.

I haven't done an AS bid in a couple of months now, and I used to do many a week. Too many bids were failing because Ebay knows the IP addresses that AS uses.

Even though they're not working on a solution for this, AS is watching here to punish anyone who names a sniping competitor that is small enough that Ebay hasn't started to track their IP ranges and still works, so we can't tell you who is still reliable now that AS is toast.

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