Avoid "fitnessresearchgroup" at all costs. This guy's/gal's a completely unprofessional jerk. We bought and paid (via Paypal) for an item on 4/2. We waited. We never received an email from seller. There was no tracking number information available via our "My Ebay" page, as there is when sellers ship via Paypal Shipping. We emailed asking if the item had been shipped. No response. Waited a few days then emailed again. No response. Waited a few more days then emailed again. No response. Finally the item showed up & it had been POSTMARKED 10 days after we paid. TEN DAYS! We left the seller NEUTRAL feedback, which doesn't hurt his numbers in any way. It was not rude in any way - just stated the facts. He/she left us NEGATIVE feedback.
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That's what happens when you leave neg/neutral feedback when the buyer/seller hasn't left any. Do what I do... nothing. Send them a stroppy email if you have to but avoid tit-for-tat feedback - you'll be the loser! Maybe s/he was on holiday, maybe their PC was down - who knows! With 1465 feedbacks you should know better!

Sorry don't agree. you should have Negged the seller.

Stroppy emails are no use if the seller simply doesn't read them or respond to them.

If you don't get satisfactory service or goods from a seller you should Neg and leave factual comments. If they Neg back you can leave a response.
In the UK we've always hated the French (eg. Agincourt) but I've tried to keep an open mind until some stoopid frog left me non-positive feedback because they thought the postage cost was too high! I wrapped up their pathetic purchases in second hand wrapping (cost so far - nil!), took it to the post office (cost so far still nil) and posted it at cost (cost so far - whatever the Royal Mail charged me) and this is what they paid. I tell you what, if some jumped-up Corporal from Austria decides to strut his stuff in Paris again, I, for one, won't be clambering into a tatty dinghy to come and help them out. Grrr!

R2 (oops - just realised this was under bad seller whereas, of course, this should be under bad buyer!!!)
Originally posted by kenco:
Good idea! We can use handbags to batter them to death next time. Much cheaper than tanks and fighter planes.

And feed them L'escargot!

Really not professional at all. I guess this guy did this thing on purpose. Please send a complaint mail and make sure that this guy suffers what he deserves. He should get banned for this.

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