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Hi, not sure if this is a known issue but are there only certain browsers with which the support form on your website will function? I have tried two so far, google chrome and safari, and both resulted in the same error message:

“Error: Unknown form. Please submit your issue to We are sorry for any inconvenience.”

It seems like it’s an issue with the captcha since the captcha disappears immediately after the green check mark shows up. Does your support form no longer work, or is this just a bug? If it no longer works, then why not just display that email address to save people the trouble? 

I’m just trying to get account assistance with a question regarding my prepaid balance and I do not know how to obtain support though I did submit my concern to that Auctiva email address in the error message. 


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  • 412A2CF9-B76B-4B1D-AC2B-F1B7E94885A1: screenshot of error message
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Hello ST,

We are aware of the issue that can occur with the support form and the difficulty that it represents.  This issue is not consistent for all of our customers and most often the form is operating as expected, and our engineers are looking into a solution for this issue.

As for your support case, yes, using the email address provided will reach our support team in the same way that filing a support case does, and our agents respond to cases in the order that they arrive, so you should receive a reply soon regarding any issue filed regarding your Auction Sniper account.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

 - Craig

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