on 29th March my snipe was not placed. Email states "Ebay Requires Account Verification".
Link takes me to a Captcha screen, but this does not accept my input, and keeps cycling round giving me a new set of numbers every time I enter. There seems to be no way to complete my verification.
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I have been an Ebay user since 2002 and an AS user very nearly as long. I restore cars for a living and I bid on some important parts that very rarely appear on Ebay. My bid was £10 more than the winner of the items and I, like Balmaiden, lost the items because Ebay supposedly 'required account verification' and then locked me in a captcha loop when I tried to comply.
Have they any idea how 'p**s*d of* I am. This has probably set me back several weeks. In 13 years I have never once had this happen. Does this make me:
a) Extremely lucky
b) Extremely Unlucky
c) The man with the highest blood pressure in the county.
d) Likely to be arrested for punching a complete stranger or the owner of the car I'm working on.

Hello All -

As we are unrelated to eBay, we have no means of knowing ahead of time if a Captcha will occur at log in and our system is unable to work around such a request when eBay requires it. eBay has the right to make such a request at any time for any account.

Please also note that the confirmation page you can access from a snipe record is a record of the page Auction Sniper encountered at the time that it tried to place your bid and is a snap shot of that time - it is not an actual eBay page and is not expected to operate as one. We record these as a courtesy for instances where some explanation of what occurred may be helpful.

Please keep in mind that our engineers continue to make adjustments on our end to reduce the likelihood of such an occurrence.

If you have particular snipes that you would like us to have a look at, please feel free to file a support case from under the Help tab of your account and we'd be glad to take a look.

- Craig
The same thing happened to me!!!! I have been dealing with Ebay and have sniped several items.
I can't believe someone can't prevent this from interrupting a Snipe. Copy below

Born Sandals Brown Leather Sz 7M Ankle And Toe Strap Barely Worn!!

US $23.87
04/05/2015 17:28:54
Ebay Requires Account Verification
fly3295 (631)
Last price
US $17.00
US $ 3.95
Bid Enhancement
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This also happened to me today for the first time, what bothers me the most is that AS didn't once warn me that this was even a possibility, even though it now appears to be a huge problem.

Why isn't there a thread in the 'News and Updates' thread warning people of this? Probably because it would put AS out of business!

Until AS solve this problem I'm going to have to place ebay bids myself. They really need to sort this out!
tonybrams - there's no need to place bids manually, just use an alternative sniping service. After many years of happy service from AS, I have now started using an alternative sniper whose name is similar to disney characters.

If this post gets deleted, then I'll know it's been censored and I'll just repost an edited version.

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