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Originally posted by Rick:
But, what about the all those other time zones?
Region2, you must have missed this question? You DO understand the difficulty of listing the time/date in every time zone? Pacific time is considered the standard, or at least the 2nd standard, for the wacky world of ebay. Even ebay U.K. keeps all your local ebayers aware of Pacific time, as you can see by this link:
In fact, the UKers’ time is titled ONLY “eBay UK” while (Pacific time) is titled “eBay Time”.

No need to take it as an indication that Yanks are insensitive to you Brits, or even the rest of the world. It’s just way to difficult to list EVERY SINGLE time zone. In fact, your only being concerned about your own time zone could be considered a little insensitive to all the other time zones.

If the software that provides selecting the time zone for each post’s time stamp were made available within a post, then all would be good, but that’s dependent on the forum provider and not AS.
I’m not sure what word/phrase best describes the next paragraph – sad; pathetic; typical; ironic; never-happy; that’s-life.

A couple of comments were made on this forum that AS should make some effort to reimburse customers for their recent pain and suffering because of snipes not being placed due to AS’ colocation site having problems. OK, so AS announces a special snipe-freebee day. Now this is the ****ed-up (select your own word) part, so far there has been two responses on this forum: one was complaining about time zones and the other was complaining about AS’ ability/inability to send out email.

Damned if you do, and damned if you do.

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