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Hi ... I've been using Auction Sniper for about a year now, and it works great! It helped me win an auction last year that was very helpful.

I'm not sure if this has been brought up before, but on the "My Snipes" page, would it be possible to add a thumbnail photo of the item? Sometimes I watch several similar items, and I forget some of the details.

Right now I have to click on the item headline to go back to the Ebay auction listing, which is not difficult, but means that I have to open multiple browser windows. Perhaps there is a way to do this that I'm not familiar with.

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Hello poppycarew -

The account preferences for an Auction Sniper account have the option to display thumbnail images within the snipe records. You can enable this after logging in to your account by selecting Modify Account from the My Snipes menu and then clicking on the Preferences tab. The option for Thumbnails is the fourth from the top of the page.

If you enable this and continue to have difficulty seeing the thumbnails in your snipe records, please file a support case with us from under the Help tab and we will be happy to look into it for you.

- Craig

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