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What’s going on here? I’ve used AuctionSniper for a long time. It’s been a few months,  but I came back to post a snipe and found my account balance was zero. That means I am being forced to add more money before I can make my snipe work. Is this an attempt by Auction Sniper to make people put more money in their account? Where did my account balance go?

On top of that, when I tried to send a message through the support page, all I got was error messages. I was directed to email them instead using an email address, and I have not received an answer. My account is still at zero, but my history shows I have money in it.

If my account has been frozen for “security” purposes, then why didn’t it say that? 

Why should I be tricked into putting more money in my account before I can use it?

Why is action sniper so slow in restoring my account?

There are plenty of other auctions sniping sites available, so if I don’t get answers quickly, I’m out of here. This is bad business.


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Hello Chanterelle - 

I am sorry to hear that you have run into difficulty.  

Please be aware that if an account is not accessed for over 180 days the funds in the account become locked, as noted in our Terms of Service.  All you need do if this occurs is file a support case from under the Help tab of the site letting us know and our agents will unlock the funds again for you.

There is, at this time, a known intermittent issue with the support site where it can fail to send a support case.  However, when this occurs the site provides an email address you can use to reach us and that email will get to our support team in the exact same manner as a support case would. Please feel free to f send an email to (our sister company) and we'll be happy to assist you with your account.  Please also be aware that our support hours are from 9 AM - 6 PM Monday through Friday.

Apologies for any inconvenience.

- Craig

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