Due my last incident with my EBay account verification I have tried to contact Auction Sniper costumer support for at least 3 times without any success during this year only (2 times for other reasons)

All my messages are on Hold nobody in your company have taken care of any of my complaints so what is the purpose of the costumer support form if no one is going to contact me back.

Since the beginning of 2015 you have had a very bad costumer support for unknown reason WHY?

What would be the reason…? Maybe I am not an important client anymore for you, look how loyal I have been for real that there is $75 in advance in my Auction Sniper balance and now I am thinking in put my money in other serious company due your lack of support with the rest of us.

Despite all the incidents I just want to know how you are going to fix this problem ASAP before I leave!


I'm very angry with you people; I just lost one important bet because I was not informed of this EBay update about account verification.


I can not believe I lost my bet for this mistake of you, I have been a customer of you since 2010 without a single drawback and my current balance is $ 75 because of my constant use of the tool.

I had 10 eBay listings ready to shoot and now I can´t use my own account that is incredible.

What is going on now the application is ILEGAL?

I'm trying to verify my account between you and EBay and am not working at all.
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Thank you for contacting us and I am sorry to hear the trouble you are facing. I have checked our records and do not see any other support case filed by you regarding this.

I've reviewed your account and found that snipe for provided item number is showing up status message ‘Ebay Requires Account Verification’. The 'View Confirmation' (an eye shaped icon) located at the right of the snipe is displaying following message:

“Enter a verification code to continue

To keep eBay a safe place to buy and sell, we will occasionally ask you to enter a verification code. This helps us to block unauthorized users from entering our site. Please enter the verification code in the image below and click on the "Continue" button to enter our site. Learn more about our security policies.- opens in a new window or tab

Enter the verification code

Change the image | Listen to the numbers

The "View Confirmation" page is not an actual eBay page, but a snap shot/record of eBay's request when Sniper attempted to access your account to place the bid. You will not be able to access/verify your eBay account via this page.

As we are unrelated to eBay, we have no control over what eBay may present at log in and eBay may present such a request at any time for any account. Sadly, our service is unable to complete such a re-quest or otherwise work around it when eBay presents it, and so in those cases, Auction Sniper is unable to place your bid. I am not aware of any similar service that can work around such a request.

Typically, this situation resolves itself in a period of time and snipes are then set normally. Our site is not illegal and our engineers make every effort to make adjustments on our end to reduce the likelihood of such occurring.

If you have any other questions or encounter further difficulties, please don't hesitate to ask!

Auction Sniper Support
Hello Massxpert -

If you refer to snipes that received the "eBay requires Verification" status, then the response you have included from support appears to be accurate.

eBay requested confirmation at the time our system attempted to place your snipe, and our service is unable to work around a captcha or other additional requests at log in. We do record the last communication between Auction Sniper and eBay on the confirmation page of a snipe record, but that request was made at the time that our service attempted to place your bid - and as a record of that time, it is not a viable page that communicates with your eBay account from the snipe record.

Please keep in mind that eBay may make such a request at any time for any account and as we are unrelated, we have no means to predict or prevent such from occurring.

We found other open Support Cases with your e-mail address.

Case ID Date Subject Status Support User
619315 10/30/2013 5:52:49 PM I CAN'T ACCESS TO MY ACCOUNT Hold - Proposed solution

672011 9/5/2014 7:40:44 PM Cant´t use my ebay code to access to Auction Sniper Hold - Proposed solution

704012 5/18/2015 6:45:17 AM Ebay Requires Account Verification Hold - Proposed solution

Is this support request related to any of the cases above?
Hello Massxpert -

based on what you have included here, each of the support cases referred to shows a state of a proposed solution. If the solution provided is not entirely clear to you, you would need to reply to the specific support case with your questions for further investigation.

The reply from support that you have included in your previous post appears to have been related to the most recent of the cases you mention, and is an issue that occurs occasionally when sniping.

- Craig
IN 15 years this has not happened to me .... that "eBay has required they verify my account information when a bid was supposed to be placed. THIS IS EFFECTIVELY A KILLER for AuctionSniper, and they admit it ... NO LONGER CAN WE TRUST AuctionSniper with winning auctions, and I will no longer use them.
I have received the same messages from AS support. I suspect they already know their game is up and want you to continue using AS for as long as they can persuade you. I suspect they have no solution to any of this. I'm looking for reliable alternatives (aside from manually bidding of course!). Does anyone know of any?

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