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I have been collecting Cast Iron kitchen cookware for years It was made by "Griswold" since 1863 in Erie Pennsylvania-USA.
I have just purchased a hundred year old Waffle Iron made for woodstove use and have carefully seasoned it - but I still am breaking the waffles taking them out. So what I am looking for is the original Griswold printed recipe booklet for Waffle Batter.
It is unusual in that you mix a pitcher full and then let it rest overnight. In the morning you can bake the smoothest, crisp, golden brown sweet waffles, you ever tasted. There were two kinds
one made with Buttermilk and the other a touch of Vanilla. I'm making Maple
Syrup again this spring so must have the recipe by April first when I cook for the Firehouse Fundraiser.
Griswold also made waffle Irons 3 in a row for use in Diners but they were electric - but it could be the same recipe. I have dozens of recipes but none compare with the Griswold - they don't stick and ,as I remember , Eek Eek are just a little bit of heaven with fresh Maple Syrup and Coffee. mory
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NON stick waffle recipe
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I've had several people contact me about making waffles in Griswold or other cast iron waffle irons. My twins love these waffles. You can also add, blueberries or grated apples (my favorite) or a small amount of vanilla to the recipe to add different flavors.

My twins love the #18 heart and star w/i for this one. They fight over who gets the star on each waffle

Waffle Recipe

2 eggs
1 3/4 cups milk
1/2 cup butter, melted
2 cups flour
4 tsp baking powder
1 TB sugar
1/2 tsp salt

Heat your waffle iron. I use a #18 Griswold Heart and Star on a low base on an electric stove. It will be important for you to experiment with the temperature settings on your stove, as I sure did until I found the right temperature setting. Beat eggs, add sugar, then salt. Beat in flour with milk and then add the butter(melted first). When the waffle iron is hot, then add the baking powder, as this will allow the baking powder to work and make fluffy waffles. Spray the top and bottom of the iron with PAM to inhibit sticking. Add enough batter to the center of your iron to make about 1/2 to 3/4 of it filled and then close the waffle iron. Cook on one side for about 2 minutes, the flip the iron over for about 2 mintues. If you waffles stick, then the iron is not hot enough or it is not seasoned enough. Experiment, it will pay off!!

Odd? Nope - The yeast is flavor as well as chemistery to soften the gluten in the flower - It makes the center tender...The 1/4 stick of butter makes it rich and crisp and the Soda is the true levening the morning...
The #3 is best and Ideal batter -for storage a week covered in the Ice Box.. But it is superb for freezing - then just pop them in a toaster for crisping before eating.

I Will enlarge number three to Pail size - use buttermilk and test it..
Still looking for Aunt Ellen's (of Griswold"
recipe from about 1920 in print.. Thanks all for the great new resources//
By the way I have the #8 American Pattern which has four simple wedges = cast in June 1880 with the original little wooden handles. These always burned off so the 2nd casting had Wire handles.. I'll share the final recipe but #3 is great for a Home size portion - Frown Frown Thanks mory
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Thanks Mrs .. M
I'm going to post a question there...Also found a US source for "Silpat" (the reusable baking liner) formerly only sold in France. A half sheet cost $12.50 but never wash a cookie sheet or sheet pan again. Newest trick is to roll dough out on Silpat,cut out your cookies,
Pickup the trim. cookes don't have to be moved. You pull Silpat onto a cookie sheet and bake. on the Super High Temp Silpat
Works Fantastic - also great in oven under an apple pie or anything that boils over.
Good bye Oven cleaning.. now at places like
JB Prince, Bridge Kitchenware, Creative Cutters etc. mory
MRS M: I used the last ball of Pasta Dough to roll some fresh Gnocci for my soup today..
It will be my Healing Heart soup to share with my neighbor who is helping me shovel the foot of snow that buried us last night..The aroma is great! in the house and it's got another hour to simmer.. have to grate some hard Perc cheese and then Soups On Everyone.....
Today I decided to give in and buy a triple Pasta head for my Kitchin Aid. Have tried to find one to Snipe but the three I found are all BIN.. YUCK... I will just keep looking.
Found one in a Pawn Shop. One missing the Fett
cutter and a new one at a dealer with four on hand but BIN.. 52 days till Spring - I'll be broke Sniping by then... I'm not used to winning
ALL my bids..( I Sniped all new batteries for my Power tools) .I think a "Sniping Diet" is the answer....mory
Veg Beef I put the Veg first as there's less Beef. I" bake" the beef HOt in a browning bag with carrot celery and Onions. Then cut up the beef place bag in gal of water & simmer. chill overnight. Skim off ALL the fat. 2nd day add cubed potato, More celery carrot Onion in big chunks. 1 hr before dinner I add Mushrooms,
Chunks of green Pepper, and a large can of plum tomato. This is not done earlier as they will disintergrate. NO Salt & No Fat. jUST BEFORE SERVING I add the pasta potato Gnocci (Already boiled) If salt is critical use fresh plum tomato or drain the juice off the plums. I also put a little Hot salsa in the potato stuffing in the Gnocci) Serve in a white low plated porcelain dish w/ grated Perc and if used for a wedding add a dalop of Kafir lime (joke)lemongrass cream. It's good enough for any chuckwagon headed for the Oregon Trail- if served with a basket of Mom's Fluffy Biscuits.
Anything left I freeze in a freezer bag= for a neighbor. Monday I have a 24# case of wild smoked
Alaska Pink Salmon coming -which I sniped = &(saved $40) any Ideas? .. mory
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Mrs. M. Of Course - I'm flattered

I tried to make a correction but I was late.
It said grated "Perc" what I meant was grated Pec short for "Pecorino"
Pecorino is just a little touch of Heaven here on Earth. It is a 1 yr old sheep milk cheese and
Italy's finest cheese bar none!...People put it on a cheese board, This is wrong has intense rich nutty but sharp flavor and excels at being GRATED because it grates in a flake. Just a few grates of this Tuscany cheese put any soup "Over The Top" {Try French Onion}
It is expensive but we get what we pay for - right?
I have a two inch wedge wrapped in Saran, In foil and a bag in my butter compartment of Frig.
I make it last 6 months .. Buy a little slice it goes a long way. Pecorino means "Grand Old Man"
The Best is made by the Fratelli Putzulu family..
Purveyors to The Pope. It's my true Secret Ingredient in many things I prepare. mory
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Mrs.M Also try Simple Eggs Pecoreno - or
"Eggs For My Grand Old Man"
Smear an Iron skillet with margerine and place on medium heat - While pan is heating - wisk four eggs. 1/2 cup cottage cheese, 1/3 cup grated sharp cheddar, some diced onion or chives and 1/3 cup half & half or milk. Add a shake of black pepper. Add to hot skillet - Start some toast & coffee, As eggs start to set fold gently over with wooden spoon. Plate with toast points a sprig of parsley preserves or with Marmelade Garnish with a grating of Pecorino. If I'm having a late Snack add a couple mushrooms in winter and asparagus in spring (sliced cucumbers tsp Oilve Oil & Pecoreno for salad).
For Dinner: Double & add a few shrimp and bake it. slow. Serve in the skillet with Fluffy Biscuits , Honey... and Pecorino... Serve your best Coffee or Tea. Enjoy while watching The Soprano's..then back to Sniping ... mory
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