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Mornin all Smile Don't have the time to find a coffee pic but I agree Mrs. M & Puppy, More coffee!!!
I'm still here, just sooo busy listing my iris. It's going very well. Wow, does it take alot of time! Next year I'm going to have to get some hired help. The neighbors think I've had a makeover....lost my head and replaced it with my butt. (always bent over in the yard)
Thanks for the turbo lister tips. The only problem I've had with it is locking up, and a couple times it rearranged the pictures! Hmmm, gremlins???
Gee, thanks for the boxes, Puppy! I really need them...and Jake, Gosh, I don't know about taking the whole house! LOL! Jabber, I have gotten pretty good at the southern drawl, living in Tennessee and Florida! LOL!I haven't gotten the closing date yet from the buyer, but before 8/31. You ALL are a hoot!!! Big Grin
MG, I went to excite and then brought up realty.
You could also call 1-800-334-8188 and ask them to send you a book of listings. I think yahoo also has a realty site. Of course there are plenty on just need to look on a map and decide the area. NC is divided into coastal, middle, and mountain, I believe. Pricing there is a lot less than here and about the same as Tennessee. Less than Indiana and Illnois.Taxes are much less too.
We have a tax added on called a "view tax". No thanks to the Chicago crowd moving to Galena (historical town - used to be neat with lots of antiques- now it's just little Chicago and the locals won't go near downtown! ) If we can see two miles or more from our windows we have to pay the extra tax! Somehow that seems illegal.
MG, you have got to be kidding!! My youngest son lived in a suburb of Chicago for a few years. I hated even visiting him there! I know his taxes were high and his property was way too much for what he had...IMO! On the otherhand, he loved it and still goes back to visit often. I guess to each his own.

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