I have a coupon from Ebay for 10% off a purchase of $100 or more. The terms and conditions of the coupon state "Use of automated devices or programs to redeem the coupon is prohibited," and "You must pay for the item with PayPal."

- Will I be unable to use the coupon if I use AuctionSniper for my item or will it eventually process through PayPal in the AuctionSniper process?

- I see that under my snipe information for each item it says "Enter Promo Code (optional)" and I tried using the promo code from Ebay there just in case but it doesn't save/have any effect.

Any advice appreciated as I'm most definitely a newbie but I would really like to use the 10% off b/c its a pretty expensive item! Thanks so much!
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You use AS to (hopefully) win the auction.

You manually enter the coupon code when you pay via PayPal.

Should be no problem.

Note: I got screwed out of some eBay bucks recently. The seller used a third-party app for payment, and even though I paid via PayPal, I didn't get the bucks. This is the only potential problem I can see.
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Once again you’re exhibiting an unhealthy feeling of ownership towards this forum, region2. Remember what your therapist said: “It’s not personal.”

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