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After losing a great many bids because of hacking by e-bay I wrote to Auction Sniper and asked them to refund the money of mine that they hold since I have found a better sniping site and will never use this useless site again. So far they have not refunded my money. I regard this as theft and hope i do not have to go through the trouble of opening a paypal dispute to get my money back. Since reporting that this site was being hacked Auction Sniper has treated me with nothing but contempt. I want nothing further to do with them and suggest users switch to -- -- which is a much more secure site. In the meantime I hope my money is refunded so that I can close the account and that I get an answer from Auction Sniper that is helpful. Incompetent, greedy and rude. I want nothing more to do with Auction Sniper. PLEASE RETURN MY MONEY AND TELL ME HOW I CLOSE THIS ACCOUNT.
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Hello Pissed off -

I am sorry to hear about the difficulties you have encountered on the site and with your bids. Please be aware that our billing department is not available on weekends, so if you have made a refund request over the weekend, it would not get processed until some time today. In order to close an account you have only to request such in a support case and we can close out the account for you.

Please also be aware that our engineers are aware that the verification issue continues, but the recent adjustments we have made have reduced such instances notably and we continue to devote our resources to resolving this issue.

Apologies again.

- Craig

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