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It would be much more satisfying if you could make an automated option where you can choose between the option of you "maximum" bid,


with an increment (i.e. $0.01) of the highest recent bid (perhaps 5-15 minutes from auction closing time) AND a "maximum" bid. That way, if the highest recent bid is higher than your maximum bid, nothing will happen. On the other hand, if the last highest bid was a great deal cheaper than your "maximum" bid, this would save a lot of unnecessary spending.

Of course, just making this an option would be best, seeing as there are different situations for different cases.
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Originally posted by chocoabuddha:
Oh I see. So eBay already has Proxy Bidding? That's interesting.

Ebay's proxy bidding is, however, nothing like AS.

Ebay will start raising bids at the earliest moment,
while AS will not submit your bid
until the last seconds of the auction.

Your eBay bid locks you in and lets everyone
know what it was, while your AS bid defers your
actual commitment until the very end,
and does not let anyone know you were competing.

The very existence of the "bid sniping" industry,
of which AS is a part, is due to the fact
that it makes no sense to bid in advance
at an open auction, as well as that eBay
violates the very structure of open auctions
by stopping them at a fixed instant,
rather than after bid incrementing ceases,
all of which creates both the need and possibility
of "bid sniping," which does not exist
(and is in fact impossible) at real (live) auctions.
Hello Babblu0 -

Auction Sniper actually logs in to your eBay account to place your bid for you - but this varies in no way from a bid you place manually. Once you bid is sent, it performs exactly as any bid you would place on eBay and therefore follows all of eBay's rules regarding bids. Timing is the principle difference when using our system, but once a bid goes in, it will behave as any other eBay bid.

- Craig

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