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What is the minimum time for Snipe Setup before auction end?

I did try to setup a snipe previously after forgetting about the auction which left very little time before the auction end. I cannot remember now how soon that was before the auction end but it refused to allow me to setup the snipe.

Having clear info on site about this might be helpful because I could not find it.

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Thanks Craig for the speedy response. I must of missed it in the FAQ for some reason. Actually I have just looked at the main site and I cannot find a FAQ on it! I found it somehow earlier but I cannot find it now. It does not seem to be in the logical place on the Help menu. However I have now found it again on the Sniping tips menu item. It might be worth renaming that because it does seem to include many other items of help rather than just Sniping tips. Having an entry like Sniping Help for all help items and also having a FAQ entry in that menu to take people directly to the FAQ so it is easier to find might be worth having. It is a bit difficult the way that it is ATM IMO.

Also "Is there a time when I can NOT add, modify, or cancel a snipe?" is not on the FAQ FYI. There is an entry in "Can I cancel a snipe?" which seems to be the closest thing to it. That is probably why I missed it TBH.

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Hello again,

If you click directly on the tab for Help, just click right on the word Help in your account up in the area where the tabs are, it opens the Help Library in the Welcome section and the first part that you see is the Top Ten Most Frequently Asked Questions.   

There is a topic there:
"Is there a time when I can NOT add, modify, or cancel a snipe?"  where this is addressed.

 - Craig

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