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Why in the world does somebody place over 100 bids about 1 bid increment apart very early in an auction(first bidder as a matter of fact)?!? Boredom? Too much time on their hands? I've heard of "nibbling", but against yourself?!? Or is there some benefit derived on ebay for lots of bidding activity, whether successful or not?

This isn't the only instance of this activity I've observed, but it is one of the most extreme cases I've seen!
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I thought the bids were manual since the time between most bids were NOT the same ranging from 2 to 6 seconds. At the $110 bid there was a 10 second increment and at the $205 & 215 bids a 14 second increment? (Time enough to take a swig of soda or beer? Judging by the bid rate, maybe an energy drink?! LOL!)

The activity has me confused, since the bid flurry occurred only 2 hours after the listing was posted and 9 days BEFORE the end of the auction. It would make more sense at the end of the auction.

The ONE thing that occurred to me as a possible explanation was that this was a MANUAL SNIPER practicing and refining his technique! Being able to manually place multiple 3-digit bids regularly and consistently only 2-4 seconds apart would be a vital skill for a manual sniper! Something I don't think I could or want to achieve! I'll just stick w/AS for my sniping (although one time I did manage to win an auction with a manual snipe that was registered by ebay the very SAME second the auction ended!? While I'd like to say this accomplishment was a reflection of my exceptional sniping prowess, it was more like dumb luck to be honest!)

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