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1. it's possibly watching items here without go to here and add manually?

why? I watch a lot items on ebay, but ebay watching have a limit (250 or around).

manually I need copy the id from ebay, paste here in watching etc.

2. I can get notifications of watching items when are almost gone? eBay alert me, but auction snipper don't alert me.

3. I suggest change the way of you display the end time, you show the end time like: 3/14/2018 5:03:31 PM

ebay like this: 4d 10h Tuesday, 9:12AM

ebay is totally clear, with your date stamp I almost need do the math to calc how many days left.

at this point the watching section is almost useless due the point 2 and 3 (specially the 2, due I don't get notifications when a items is almost gone).

sometimes I use the snipper like a watching to get alerts but of course only with auction items, I can't add snipes to buy now items, and I want add a lot buy now items on watching.


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Hello Ziggyspider -

We do have a tool that you can install into your browser to aid you in adding items to your Auction Sniper Watch List while you are reviewing items on eBay.   Once you have logged in to your Auction Sniper account you can select Watch It Now from the My Watches menu to add the tool to your browser toolbar and add watches to your Auction Sniper Watch list using this tool while on item pages in eBay.

Auction Sniper does not have alerts for watched items at this time.  We do have alerts if you have an active snipe on an item and your bid amount becomes outbid, however we do not provide alerts regarding Watched items.

As for your suggestion regarding the display of the end time of the auction, I have forwarded that along to our next level of support for consideration in a future site release.  Please also note that the service was designed and operates for Auction Items.  Fixed price items that are available on eBay can be purchased at any time.


 - Craig


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