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Hi Community -

Snipe It Now - the easiest way to snipe!

When you use the Snipe It Now window, sniping is just a click away.

1. First, place the Snipe It Now link on your toolbar.

2. Then, go to eBay and find an item you want to snipe.

3. Click the Snipe It Now link on your toolbar, fill in your bid and preferences and hit Snipe It Now!

The Snipe It Now window grabs the item number and item information for you; you just fill in your snipe preferences and set your snipe right there.

If you already love using Snipe It Now, you can see that we freshened up the look and included the item information at the bottom so you know exactly what you are bidding on.

If you haven't tried using Snipe It Now, this is the perfect time. It is easy to put the link in your toolbar - click here for the instructions.

Happy Sniping!
The Auction Sniper Team
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