The ending time displayed on my Snipe is 13:51:55. The time the auction ends is 4:51 PDT or 16:51 PDT according to the eBay listing. Why are the times not the same? Been using this Auction Sniper for over ten years and this is the first glitch I have had. What am I misssing? Thanks

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Hello LeeinColorado,

It sounds like there may be an issue with the timezone setting in your account, or an issue with the system clock on the system you are using.  The Ends timer uses both to display the end time of an Auction once it is in the final twenty four hours.  Note that eBay typically displays end times in Pacific time, so if you are in a different time zone you would see a different displayed time.

When checking the snipe record, note the Ends timer and the time remaining should match the time remaining on eBay but the End of Auction Time should match eBay but modified based on your time zone.

If the difficulty is not what I have described here, please feel free to file a support case from under the Help tab of the site letting us know the item number as well as your account information so our support agents can have a look into it.

- Craig

thank you for your fast reply. i did not know that there was a time setting
in auction snipe and once you told me i found it and changed it from Hawaii
Standard Time to the correct time zone Mountain Daylight Time. this
immediately corrected the time displayed in the Snipe. Thank you for your
help. Lee

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