Hello JayJayMush -

We'd need to look at the circumstance of your specific snipe to be certain what occurred with it, so please feel free to file a support case from under the Help tab of the site including the item number of the snipe you refer to and we'll be happy to check into it.

However, please note that it is most likely due to a bid being placed after your snipe was set. As it states in the Help window for Second Shot: "if eBay responds to the first snipe attempt with a proxy outbid or bid too low status, Second Shot will place a second snipe to give you another chance of winning the item." So, if a bid (other than a proxy) was placed after your snipe was placed that out bid your bid, Second Shot would not apply.

- Craig
Hi Craig,
Thanks for your response, although I am still puzzled as to what happened.
I placed my Snipe 2 seconds before the winners only bid with 5 seconds left of the auction. For 2 seconds I had the winning bid. If Second Shot does not bid again for me what is the purpose of it?
Regarding filing a support case - I did that immediately after the auction on Sunday and as I had not received a reply I repeated the process today.

Hi John,

The Second Shot feature operates on the existing bids when Auction Sniper goes to place your bid. Considering the very short lead times involved, there is no way for our system to monitor and change all of the existing snipes in relation to bids which come after them.

The feature was invented to beat the 'Proxy Bid', which is eBay‘s bidding system that allows bidders to place bids reflecting the maximum amount they are willing to pay for an item and makes it so the winning bidder will always win the auction for the minimum portion of his/her maximum bid that is required to win the auction based on any other bids that have been received, bid increment rules, and some other factors, such as the presence of a reserve price.

In other words, if you place a snipe that has Second Shot enabled, our system will first submit your specified maximum bid at the lead time you selected. Then, if your original maximum bid is immediately exceeded by an existing proxy bid, our system will submit one more enhanced bid that is the specified number of bid increments greater than your initial maximum bid.

- Craig

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