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I have been an old user of auctionsniper, and it had great results. Recently I refound my interest in some auctions, and I wanted to log in to auctionsniper again.

My stored password did not function, so I used the reset password link.

This did not send out an email

I tried again. I got an email. Reset the password. Stored it in my password software (automatically). Tried to login. Failed.

Used the reset password link again. No email.

Since then, everything I try does not produce an email, so I am afraid my account is deactivated.

I did make a new account on this forum software. No problems with that, received email. Can post this topic.

Can someone from Auctionsniper do a quick check? Mailaddress is herman at hmtf dot nl

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Hello Herman,

We are unaware of any issues with password reset emails being sent out or with issues updating passwords in general, so it is unclear what may have occurred for you.

We have no accounts using the email address you reference.

If you have not already done so, please file a support case from under the Help menu of the site with the details such as the username on your account, the email address it uses and a brief summary of what you have stated here so one of our agents can look into your account directly.

- Craig

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