Hi Community,

We just became aware of a new technical problem that is causing some users to receive generic error messages when trying to add snipes on certain items as well as be unable to edit the fields that are normally editable on the "Modify" page for snipes that have already been entered.

Our engineering team has already determined that this is occurring due to a change that eBay just made with respect to how the end date is displayed on the "view item" page and is working on updating our software to accommodate for this change as soon as possible.

We will post further updates on this issue to this thread as soon as additional information becomes available. We apologize for any inconveniences this issue is causing.

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Hello Community,

Snipes are now being added and this issue appears to be resolved. This problem was a result of a change in the way eBay is displaying certain auction information. Unfortunately these changes cannot be anticipated, and must be addressed as they are rolled out.

I would like to thank you all for your patience and understanding, and for continuing to be a valued customer of Auction Sniper.

If you experience any further problems, please contact Customer Support so that we may provide you fast and quality service in addressing them.


Auction Sniper Product Manager
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