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Jabber - sorry I forgot about this Frown bad Lexie!! Razz

I am still scouring the google searches trying to find the one that I was referring to.

But another way I have *seen* done that works quite well is to create a MSN Group - which will give you up to 3MB of storage that you can link to and then potential bidders can just scroll through your pics (I will post an example in our PT)

Lexie both of you, thanks! That's why I put a trial run in here, so you guys can straighten me out! Wink

ooooo!....oooooo! Didja see my PICTURE? Well, a picture of my finger!.... Big Grin LOL!


I'm trying to write up something to list tonight. It seems my low-priced trinkets, baubles, and beads have gotten more attention & bids since I've been running the big ticket items! Hmmmm....sounds like a strategy! Smile

Nice photos, by the way! I think either way is fine, depending on your approach.

If you link to just one, make sure the first picture is the BEST overall view. Sort your pictures so that if people don't look at them ALL, they still see the best (or most favorable) ones first. I would put #13 or #16 first, or take another that's the same as #16 but from the front.

On the other hand, some users might not notice that there are more pictures there, or take the time to page through them all, so giving them the thumbnail view first would let them jump right to whatever they're interested in.

Occasionally I've clicked on one of those "supersize this image" links that goes to an outside image-hosting site, and I don't know that I've ever seen one with more than one picture -- if they were there, I didn't pay attention, I guess. So maybe the thumbnails would be best.

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Originally posted by Jabbergah:
Whick link do you guys think better? A link to a page full of thumbnails

or a link directly to a full-size pic with the nav. arrows above¤t=Case.jpg?

Opinions, please. Smile


Thumbnails. Especially for those who are still on dialup.

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....points, all! Thanks! Thumbnail view sounds best.

Shirley, I do wish the pics were presented in a different order, but the way it seems to work at Photobucket is LIFO (Last in First Out) -- last pic. uploaded is first pic in album. I'll know for next time. ;-) Or maybe I should find a forum to post a "dam-mad" note! Eek Nah! Not my style! Wink

Jabbergah                                            try explaining to a seller the best way of shipping an expensive turntable! AND, hope that they listen to you; some do not, no matter what they promise in their emails. I recently won one and was willing to drive about 600 miles one way to pick it up.


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... involves removing the platter and putting it (preferably) in a seperate box and also firmly attaching the tone arm to its rest so that it does not bounce around. After doing that, it may survivre all of attempts of the brown-shirted gorrillas to see just how far they can kick a field goal with it.


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Check out free image hosting here. This is a great service that is easy to sign up for/login to and holds a nice 1024 KB at a time. Big Grin

Just be sure that you use auction-images and NOT auctionimages. Remember the dash, that takes you to the free site. InkFrog is another site that allows you to post some images, although I haven't used it in some time and I don't remember the specs.

Hope this helps!

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