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Originally posted by Daman3178:
New here and looked a little bit but didn't see my question. I have used Snipe two times so far but curious about this last one I am getting ready to do. Does it notify me when my Mac bid has been outbid? Email or app notification? Thanks!

Hi Daman3178,

Yes, if you've been outbid you will get a notification. If you don't have our mobile app you will get an email notification only, if you have our mobile app and you've allowed us to send push notifications you will receive both an email and a push notification.

Push notifications can be turned on/off through the general settings on your phone. Email notifications are controlled within your Auction Sniper account settings. Hence, turning off notifications in your Auction Sniper account won't turn off push notifications from the mobile app.

Our notification system checks at various intervals as the end of the Auction draws near... the closer we are to the end of the auction the more aggressively we check for outbid conditions.

Hopefully I've answered your question. Please let me know if we can provide further assistance.


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