I have been a regular user of AuctionSniper.com since its creation. A few years ago, I came on this forum to propose a new BidGroup type that would apply a logical "IF" on its elements rather than counting the number of won items. Explanation: The normal "counting" bidgroup stops bidding as soon as the number of items selected has been won. The new "IF" bidgroup would continue bidding only if the first auction is won. This is particularly interesting when trying to save on shipping or simply to try and buy several items from the same buyer.

So ?

When can I have the feature ?
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Hi I would second your request. I was going to suggest the very same thing with an additional argument. That is if the first snipe failed my alternative purchase probably made on a later date might not be compatible with the second sniped item e.g. AMD supporting motherboard and Intel Processor.
Hello cosimodo -

I have forwarded your request for such a variation on the bid groups on to our product management team for their consideration in a future site update.

Thanks for taking the time to let us know what you think!

- Craig

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