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Musical Box Repair Books
By Nancy Fratti

Dear Bill, In response to your letter concerning musical box repair books:

Unfortunately there is no real step-by-step repair book in print at the moment. There are two books put out by Mr. Bulleid (might this be the "Beloit" book Frank refereed to?), a noted musicologist in England. The two books are titled: "Cylinder Musical Box Design and Repair" and "Cylinder Musical Box Technology" (which has no repair articles in it).

Mr. Bulleid writes articles for the British Musical Box Society. Both books are in print and I do carry them. The "Repair book is $14.95 plus postage.

There is one reprint repair booklet by the Jacot company, formerly of New York. It is definitely not a complete 'manual' but can impart some really good information for $2.50!

There is rumored to be a 'new' repair book coming from England sometime this year. It was written by Arthur Ord-Hume, a recognized musical box historian. There is no definite release date yet. When it does come out, I will carry it. Such new books are usually in the $80 range.

There _were_ two books (again British) written by Graham Webb: "Musical Box Handbook, Vol. 1" (cylinder boxes) and "Musical Box Handbook, Vol. 2" (disc boxes). Both these books have been out of print for many years but sometimes a large library might have them, or you could put out a book search for them. They were published (2nd & 3rd editions) by Vestal Press in Vestal NY. Don't bother Vestal -- they have no copies nor know where to get any.

I do have a list of all books available, as well as a listing of over 80 different automatic music recordings available. Send $2.00 for complete list if interested. If you would like any of the above books you can send credit card info to me at:

Panchronia Antiquities
Nancy Fratti, PO BOX 210, Whitehall, NY 12887-0210


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