I've had a couple of times where I needed to cancel a bid, but was unable to. This morning it was at about 3:10 minutes left until the snipe was placed.

Easy question:
>>is there a minimum time after which neither your bid amount can be increased or decreased?
>>Also whats is the minimum time before the auction that you cancel the snipe?
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Hello lgvenable -

You can only place, modify or cancel a snipe as long as there are more than 5 minutes remaining in the auction. Once a item is within the final 5 minutes, you will not be able to make changes to an existing snipe nor add a new snipe to an item.

- Craig
and so I ended up with a set of $82 bike cleats...
you ought to make this clear in your FAQ shouldn't you????
It cost me $82 to find out! I've been using auction sniper for 2 years and only JUST found out. Thanks for this, I'll nix anything before the last 5 minutes.

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