Is possible to "chain" bids, make them depend on other bids?

Hi Roman - 

It sounds like you wish to use the Bid Group option where if you set up bids on a group of items in a folder the service places your bids for you until a specified number of wins occurs for that folder.  Please note that this option is currently only available on the website and is not yet supported in the mobile app.

In order to create a folder as a bid group, hover your mouse cursor over the My Snipes tab and select "Manage Folders". On the My Folders page, on the left is the Create a Folder interface.

This is where you name the folder, assign it a color and select the number of wins you want the bid group to achieve.

There is a check box: "This Folder is a Bid Group" under the Folder Description area which must be checked prior to using the "Create" button in order for a Folder to be a Bidgroup.

Then, you can add items to the bid group when you are creating the snipes using the Add To Folder drop down in the Add A New Snipe area. Alternately, you can select and existing snipe using the check box to the right of it and then move it into your bid group folder using the "Move to Selected Folder:" drop down and the "Move" button. You can also move items from a search into a bid group folder from the search results page using the tool in the upper left of the page for bid groups.

 - Craig

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