Does anyone know whether AS is working or not now? Are there any problems with eBay account verification still being experienced or has this been resolved. I have not used AS recently but there is an auction on Saturday which I would like to win and do not want any bids rejected due to issues with the AS system.

Therefore can anyone comment on any of this?
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Hello IWant2Win -

the issues with eBay captcha's occurring with regularity has been resolved for quite some time and you should be able to set snipes and have them placed (when your account is correctly configured) without difficulty. Please note, however, that eBay still does make a verification request or present a captcha at times, particularly if you have any additional security alerts on your eBay account (such as a recent change of password or multiple failed log in attempts).

Generally speaking, you should be able to snipe without difficulty.

- Craig

I can tell you for the past year our win rate is 99.7% when the users maximum bid amount is high enough.

The issues with captcha and account verifications experienced over a year ago have not resurfaced, we can't tell you they won't ever come back though, that is dictated by eBay. However, we will do everything in our power to keep them from happening again.

Thank you both for your replies.

To make sure that there were no issues I did place a bid on another auction for a low priced item to be certain that it would all go through successfully. There were no other bidders on that so I won that at the minimum price and it is an item that I can use.

I have also won the item that I wanted and at a reasonable price which I am happy with. It's a used item so hopefully there are no issues when I collect it. There are not too many of these available in my local area and most on eBay are collection only, which is why it was more important than it would otherwise of been. Therefore thank you Auction Sniper.

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