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Nearly 2 years since the last update of the iOS app... Has it been abandoned?

It would be nice to have an iPad version too. Just to be able to use the whole screen...

And in any app, the ability to access all settings, without the need to go on the web version.

Other than that, I've used it successfully! :-)
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Hi Jayce,

Thanks for contributing to our forum.

Although I cannot rule out that we may make some changes to our iOS app again in the future, we do not have any updates currently in the works. I have forwarded your comments in this regard to our Product Management team for consideration though.

Also, you should be able to expand app to occupy the entire screen of your iPad by clicking the "2X" button in the bottom right of your screen. The graphics may appear quite as nice, but doing so should at least give you a larger interface to work with.

We appreciate the feedback!

One thing that would be worth updating in the app is the default "lead time" setting which is five seconds. I just lost an auction today as I used this setting. The response from AS was, "Not in Time". I incorrectly assumed that since it was the default it would be a time frame that would have no issues with eBay. As I checked my online account I see that the default is set to 12 seconds. I think the best option for the mobile app would be for it to use the online default and/or user-selected settings. Doing this would provide a better experience for AS users, a likely higher selling cost for eBay sellers and more revenue for AS since you make no money unless an auction wins. That said I think the latter would cost justify whatever spend you may incur for the necessary app development.

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