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Hello Community -

We have recently made some changes to the site in regards to how your eBay WatchList is imported, so the operation is a bit different than it was previously. 

Please note that the Import Wizard is no longer importing your WatchList.  You can, however, still import your WatchList and set snipes from it.

All you need to do is click directly on the My Watches tab in your account and it will load a page of your eBay Watches.  

Note that this pulls in whatever you have on your eBay Watch List, so if you have expired items on your list there, you can use this page to delete them from both your eBay account and your Auction Sniper account or you can visit eBay directly and remove the expired items.  

Note also that you can adjust the items per page using the pull-down menu in the upper right and the order in which the items display using the Ends filter.

Each time you click on My Watches it will call the data from eBay directly, so there is no longer any storage of your watches on Auction Sniper as there was previously.  You will also note that the list now also imports your Fixed Price items and while you cannot set snipes on them, you can use the Buy It Now button on such items to go directly to eBay to make a purchase.

- Craig

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