Smile Hello All:
What a great community to find!
I've just started using Auction Sniper and am really please at how well it works. Big Grin
The problem I have is that I introduced my wife to Auction Sniper and she is looking at e-bay like never before! Eek
I have always been a casual e-bay user but she is online daily looking for collectables since I showed her Auction Sniper.
Maybe I can disconnect the cable modem occaisionally and tell her that the servers are down! Wink
Glad to meet all of you.

edit: I just noticed that I posted this to the support forum and meant for it to go to Questions, Answers & Advice. My apoligies Red Face
Original Post
wait it gets worst. i been doing it so long i bid 50 auctions and didnt even know i did in 10-15 minutes. Thas the beauty of this thing you nevr look back. if u can disciplned on set prices for certan items u get you share at the price u want if u bid enough auctions and u can place 10 bids to one the other way and theres no temptaionto raise yur bid whe u get jumped you dont look back its worke for me 4 years now

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