Right the 125cc motorcycle i want to purchase is on sale on ebay. There is only 200 in uk and 2 on ebay SO I MUST WIN.
Sadly i won't be at home when the auction ends as i will be volunteering for charity to help flood victims. So now i have decided to use an automated bidder "AUTO SNIP".

BUT..... I'm using two snipes... just in case one does not bid

So will these two snipes cancel each other out? until one reaches their maximum? I'm totally confused, I'm such a noob lol.
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No idea what Auto Snip is - this forum is for a product called Auction Sniper.

If you want to guarantee a win then place a nuclear bid (say £10,000) using Auction Sniper and you're bound to win unless someone else has the same idea - could be expensive!


There's always a chance (very, very, very unlikely) a last second snipe won't get placed, even if you use two sniping services. But, poop happens. The only guarantee that a bid will be placed is to place it through ebay in advance of the closing of the auction. BUT, you’ll lose the advantage of sniping, that of an increased likelihood of paying less. Guarantee – pay more; snipe – pay less.

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