Hi there,

1) In searches can I change the results in searches from $ to £? As it's not really much use to me getting a calculator to convert everything to GBP. All my Ebay setting are GBP by the way

2) In searches, is there anyway to get further down in sub menus - for example I collect coins, so in ebay i will go Coins > British >Victoria and have this as a saved search. I can't find this in auction sniper, only the ability to put in a search for "victoria coins" which doesn't bring up the same results.

Thanks in advance.

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Hello belly2000,

Unfortunately there is no way to change the display of the search results to another currency. Auction Sniper bids in the currency of the auction that a snipe has been placed on. By default Auction Sniper will place a snipe on eBay US if the item is available there, and in cases where an item is not available on eBay US, it will attempt the snipe on eBay UK. Auction Sniper does not place bids on other sites or other eBay properties.

Also, there are no additional features to the search outside of what is available when you click on Advanced Search from the My Searches page - there is no capacity at this time to search specific areas of the eBay category trees.

However, I can see how both of these elements could be beneficial to buyers like yourself, and so have submit feature requests for these functions on to our next level of support for consideration in a future site release.

Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

- Craig

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