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IMG_8262After many successful Auction Snipes today I suffered the first mishap. I watched a bid come in at the end but it was not mine. I lost the auction to 1 other bidder! My Snipe, which I set days ago, did not factor in the bidding. Can someone explain? Should I trust the Snipe I have in for another eBay Auction 24 hours from now? 

Thank you,



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Hello Chris,

I am sorry to hear that you ran into difficulty with a snipe.  

Please note that when you are logged in to your account on the website, the status section for each snipe is a link to the status definitions page, and the Not In Time status is not related to when you set up your is defined:

"The auction ended before eBay received our bid attempt. This may have happened because of a spike in Internet traffic that delayed the delivery of the bid to eBay or eBay server maintenance that delayed the processing of the bid."

However,  for snipes that end in this status, we have a tool available here where you can redeem the loss for free snipe credit.

 - Craig


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