This caused me to win an item that I didn't want. I was unable to lower my max on the ebay auction, but I lowered my max bid on my snipe and it placed a bid anyway. If that's how this site works, I can't use it. Now I get a negative rating on an item that I tried to bail out of.
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So you set up a snipe then changed your mind? I don't understand how that's AS's fault and why it means you cannot use it? AS bids once at your max. If you're indecisive then perhaps AS is not for you...
Or they tried to do it after the 5 minute "can't change it".
rlandry78758 - did you manage to lower your bid on AS or did it say you couldn't? I'm assuming your AS bid was more than the maximum you'd entered on eBay? If not, AS cannot lower what you've entered on eBay.

Bit difficult to help you without more information so if you could give numbers, that could help.

As Rick says, there is a cut-off time on AS after which changes to snipes are not allowed - it would be impossible to allow people to change bids up to the last minute.

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