I have this problem since last week. I can individually "cancel" (delete) snipes finished and not won, but if I mark all of them and try to delete alltogether, I always get the message "One of several of your snupies couldn't be cancelled"

What's happening?

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Me again,
I've created a new folder. I've moved all my not winning snipes there. Tried to "cancel" (There's no button for "delete") all of them at same time, and got the same message than before.

After this, I have selected "show lost" (Instead of "Show all") in the "My snipes" page. THEN appears a "Delete" button. I thought "That's it! I find it!". Marked all the lost snipes showed, hit the "delete" button, and....

GOT THE SAME MESSAGE AGAIN! "One or various of your snipes coudn't be cancelled at this time" (Note it keeps saying "Cancelled", even after I hit the button "Delete")

So looks as something is not ruling Ok, uh?
Individually delete could be a long job sometimes. Just think I use to snipe on 25+ items everyday. And I just win about a third of them...
This is the reason why I created a "Item lost" folder. I will translate all snipes not won there in a single operation, and forget about them there...

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