My usual lead time is 9 seconds, but a few weeks ago I lost out on an auction because there wasn't enough time. I wasn't too upset over that one, but I have one coming up this weekend, that I really want to win, and don't want to lose out because of a low # of seconds lead time.

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Well.... Let's see....
60 seconds could still seem like a snipe to most and you would be very sure of your bid making it to eBay in time. There have been several post lately about 15 and 20 second bids never making it. > Here < and > Here <.

If the auction is tight and bids are very close (3 bids within one increment), the last bidder will lose, even if they have the highest bid.

How did I do? Wink

Seriously though, I'd stick to 15 seconds or so for Sunday evening. It's always a gamble.

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