I've checked about and can't find the definition of this status. It does not appear that my auction ended early, no one else bid at all, and yet I "Did Not Win". Auction #2265110746, my snipe was supposed to be $503.56.

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Sniper Sara B. (in part)
That usually happens when we dont get a reply back from eBay when we placed your snipe. It also happens if there is an unknown status before it in the bid group, and then we therefor don't snipe. So in that case it becomes a "Did not win."

It also usually says "Did not win" in cases where you max bid is above the final winning bid. Otherwise it would be classified as a Loss. A did not win might have won, or might not have based on the winning bidders true proxy max bid.
> Here < is a thread about it
(starting with my misconception of what 'Did Not Win' really is.)

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