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Hello Community!

We released a couple of site enhancements today that I wanted to let you know about.

1. We have added Buy It Now items into the site search functionality to help you find exactly what you want on eBay. Those BIN links will also redirect you through KickItBack so you can easily earn cash back on your purchases too.

2. We have added the ability for you to post your wins to Facebook. The "Post to Facebook" button shows on winning snipes and when you post a win to Facebook, the story will post to your Wall with your referral link attached. Just like all referral links, if someone signs up for Auction Sniper using your link you will get three free snipes! So, not only can you brag about your wins but you can earn free snipes for doing it.

Both of these enhancements are meant to improve your Sniper experience without changing the fundamental process of sniping you have come to know and love.

We will also be mildly changing the overall "skin" of the site. The navigation and functionality is largely staying the same but we are updating the logo and cosmetics of the site itself. That release is expected to be live next week but here is a sneak peek of the header in case you missed it on Facebook:

Happy Sniping!
Cara and the Sniper Team
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