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I have experienced sniping one item that only shipped to the country where the seller resides, but it failed (although I was supposed to the winner) because my country is different with the shipped country destination set by the seller.

At that time, I was intended to use the item for a gift to friend who live in the country with the seller.

Any trick and tip to overcome?

Appreciate your kind help...

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When you see an item you want, but the seller states he does ship to the your country there are ways around it.
For example, I am in Canada, some sellers list as ship to US only, just because they don't think of Canada.
Some sellers don't want the hassle of a little paperwork and block all other sellers.
SO: you see an item you want, email the seller and see if he will consider mailing to your country, or explain that you want to send it to someone in the US and would he allow your bid (your situation). He will then go into his selling features and do something(?) to allow your bid.
This always works for me.
I have purchased may items from sellers who list as US shipping only.

Another tip, mailing to Canada prices are usually incorrect as the seller gets the quote from USPS website, which is usually wrong. It is always good to check and see if they are willing to mail regular fist class postage.


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