For about the 5th time I have noticed that when
I go to log in, it says I am already logged in.
This is Impossible because I am Always careful
to log out when I leave the site. Now that this
has happened to me so many times, I am posting
here to see if anyone else has had that experience. I am Always careful to hit that tiny envelope (that is partially hidden) to log out. It would be a very good idea to improve the log out procedure in my opinion. Other than that I have found Auction Sniper to be a big time saver and have only had one missed bid out of about 50 or so. But this problem of finding I am still logged in is seriously worrying me.
Will welcome any other comments on this topic.
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is a link to refer a friend, not to log out. If you're on your own computer and don't share your house with a criminal then why bother logging out? It's not like a mainframe computer, all that staying 'logged in' means is that, via cookies, it remembers your settings and signs you back in automatically next time you go to AS...

It was my mistake to say I log out "at the
little envelope"--I go to where it says "log out" and am always told I have "logged out" which still leaves my question unanswered as to why I am logged in when I logged out the previous time.
But thanks for all the other comments which show that everyone here is trying to be helpful. And just for the record there is no criminal in my household!!
Originally posted by lusterlady:
just for the record there is no criminal in my household!!
then why bother logging out then! Wink

Must be a cookie bug at AS's end or a setting at yours that makes it think you're still logged in. Or maybe you have a couple of sessions to AS running together - close all but one then log out.
[ I just signed out - it even said that I had been signed out. I then closed my browser, openid a fresh session and typed in the URL and I was definitely NOT still signed in].

If you still insist on wanting to sign out the log a support call via the help tab - maybe they know what the prob is!

which still leaves my question unanswered
Are you using the US version of our site or an international version? When you are logged in and using the site, what URL shows up in your web browser, can you paste that in here as well?

I'd agree it's some sort of cookie bug. Likely in how you're accessing our site which we haven't accounted for. I access the site every which way to Sunday though and haven't seen this. Maybe it's an anomolie, clear your cookies on your computer. Then see if it happens again in the future. Also which web browser are you using?

This might be easier to diagnose with a support case filed on the Help tab. I'd have to check with the other support people too because maybe they've already had a case like this and know what to do.

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