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After you set up a Face book page for your business and finish uploading your products to your shopping mall, do you have a clear idea about how to pack your business on this social network? Where are all your fans and how to turn them into your buyers? How can you get them engaged?

Today, more and more people take advantage of Facebook to promote their business. Knowing how to pack your business is very important for increasing buzz and turning more fans into your buyers.

1. Create a professional profile. If you intend to use Facebook for your marketing campaign, you profile page is the first place you should spend time to pack. In my opinion, an excellent profile should include: a professional and eye-catching picture, website address, contact information, hobbies, and education.

2. Get your vanity URL. Do you want to add your business name in you Facebook page URL? Usually, our Facebook page URLs end with numbers. If you want to have your business name in the URL, please bear the following three points in mind and start: * Your page should have at least 25 fans. * Once you change the name, it is impossible for you to revise again. * Separate your personal URL and business URL.

3. Make use of the News Feed feature. Every Facebook page has a News Feed section. If someone interacts with your page, that actions would be showed in their News Feed as well as their friends' feed. Thus, you have more chance to expose your business.

4. Don't post too much at one time. If you post too much at once and post too many news feeds, your fans might be bored on your information and even hide you on their wall. Friendly method of posting is to post less than 3 times per day and post at intervals of several hours. Don't pour your products or services with no difference to your friends. Post something you feel worth to share, talk and might incur a conversation. Questions, polls, helpful information or suggestions are very effective to encourage comments and loyalty.

5. Set the tone. What kind of tone you want your Facebook business page to have, fun, creative or serious? Set the tone according your business nature as your Facebook is to serve your business.

6. Check Facebook Stats with Facebook Insights. Do you want to know how well you go with your network? How many people view your pages? What your fans like? You will find all these answers on the Insight section and much more.

7. Create your own Facebook group on the topic of your business. Having your own group is convenient to discuss topics related to your business area and website. As your group administrator, you have the right to send messages and updated to every group members. That is also a very effective way to spread information.

Top 5 Business Friendly Storefronts on Facebook

* Quickerbuy Store

* Payvment

* Vendorshop

* Bigcommerce

* Sortprice
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