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So I'm looking for a tool or service that is like auction sniper, but for sellers.

I've been following a number of items each month and notice there are people with 0, 1 or 2 feeback constantly bidding on these items in $1 amounts. Sometimes this pushes the price all the way up to $300 dollars when the next highest items from other sellers is $250-$275.

MAYBE this is coincidence but from one seller I have noticed a few suspicious things. He list 20 individual listings for: XXXX cell phone(whatever kind of phone). Each day he closes 2-3 listings so at the end of the week there are only 2 left. Now I assume, since anyone viewing the item in their watch list gets the screen "Item is no longer avliable. See other similar items from the same seller", that this would bottleneck all the bidders and watchers.

But it also seems he is using his bid tool to bring the price up to around $300 on the last 2 days for those last 2 listings. And then people start buying from his buy it now listing, which is generally $295. He sells 10-15 cell phones, buy it now, from a separate listing, and only on saturdays when all of his listings are bottlenecked. I'm really interested in what tool he is using for bit increments.

Does any one know of a tool or subscription service that does this?
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I’ve not heard of any “tool or subscription service that” automates shill bidding, which if it were successful would be very popular with sellers.

Your best bet is to contact eBay with your suspensions.

It’s doubtful there’s anything going on, but sometimes (rare) there’s a grassy knoll.

If the seller has a high number of feedbacks, especially from buyers with larger number of feedbacks, then it’s even more unlikely something foul is afoot, because with that many auctions some other sleuth would have ferreted them out. You might also want to check out other sellers to see if this type of item appeals to bidders with low feedback.

If you’re not satisfied with eBay’s response, then simply find another seller, or find another source for these phones.

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