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Me too. Except every one of my last 5 snipes have all failed. The last one was for an item that ended last night. I've checked under my account and everything is correct and I get the message that my snipes/bids will be placed correctly but yet every last one fails. Very frustrating because my snipes were all higher then the final bid. So because of the site not working I've lost out on items that could have help my business and income. So until I know it's resolved I can no longer trust or use auction sniper. It's a shame because I've used auction sniper for years but either something is wrong with their software or eBay is blocking the bids placed by them. Either way u can't afford to lose anymore items so I can no longer trust or use the site. Wonder how I can get a refund on my "balance" which as it stands I will no longer be able to use.
Hi Community,

I'm sorry to hear about the difficulties you encountered recently.

We did encounter some connectivity issues between about 5:45 PM PST and 8:15 PST which caused some users to be unable to access our site, as well as some snipe failures, and it sounds like the behavior you all described was most likely related to these difficulties.

These issues have since been resolved and our site and services are running normally once again at this time, so I do not believe any of you should have any further trouble accessing the site and successfully sniping eBay auctions at this time.

If you continue to encounter similar difficulties moving forward, please don't hesitate to let us know and we will look into things further.


Auction Sniper really sux. They obviously know of the problems but keep accepting snipes they know will be blocked. Guess they’d rather screw us over than admit there’s a problem. On top of the failures all I get is error message try again trying to contact support several times today.  I’m going to PayPal and dispute the fees I just paid a few days ago.  

Hello Bazooka,

I am sorry to hear that you are disappointed. 

Please be aware that if eBay or a seller has a block on an item for any particular reason (and either is possible for a variety of reasons) we would not know until we attempt to place the bid at the lead time you select.  If you have a snipe or snipes where the status is either Blocked by eBay or Blocked by Seller and are unclear on the specifics, please feel free to file a support case from under the Help tab of the site letting us know the item(s) involved and our agents will take a look into it for you and should be able to determine a bit more specifically what occurred with any given snipe.

Please also note that we are aware of an intermittent difficulty with the support form and our engineers are working on a resolution.  Note also that when the form fails, there is an email address provided that you can use to reach our support team directly.

 - Craig

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